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The Klemme Research Station is the result of the generous donation of 1,000 acres and the associated facilities by Marvin Klemme on November 10, 1988 to the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and Oklahoma State University to further agricultural research and education and thus promote agriculture to the benefit of western Oklahoma and society.


Research Focus

Major research trials conducted at the Klemme Range include studies on: stocker cattle, patch burning, cow-calf, pasture and forage improvement, livestock management research, and education programs. The primary commodities located in the Rolling Red Plains Area are wheat, range, and cattle. Other important commodities include grain sorghum, alfalfa, and cotton.


Size and Location

The station consists of 1,560 acres and is located 10 miles south and 5 miles west of Clinton or 5 miles west and 1.5 miles north of U.S. Highway 183, at Bessie, Oklahoma.

The station is located slightly south of the north/south midpoint of the Rolling Red Plains Resource Area.


The Rolling Red Plains extends from south of the Red River to north of the Oklahoma/Kansas border consisting of approximately 9.4 million acres, which occupies a significant portion of Western Oklahoma excluding the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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