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Administrative Team

Dr. Tom Coon

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Vice President

Dr. Scott Senseman

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Associate Vice President

Dr. Randy Raper

Interim Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Ag Research Assistant Director

Diana Ward

Administrative Associate

Dr. Chris Richards

Field and Research Service Unit Director

Lisa Stejskal

Field and Research Service Unit Sr. Administrative Support Specialist

Project Managers

Chris Livsey

DASNR Project Manager, Construction and Facilities

Dr. Josh Massey

Research Project Manager, Field Days and Events

Station Superintendents

Curtis Cowell

Station Superintendent - Lindley Research and Demonstration Farm

Rodney Farris

Sr. Station Superintendent - Eastern Research Station

Bart Frie

Station Superintendent - Turf Research Center

Val Gladden

Coordinator - Controlled Environmental Research Lab

Bob Heineman

Senior Superintendent - Kiamichi Forestry Research Station

Cameron Murley

Superintendent - Eva & Goodwell

Michael Pettijohn

Sr. Station Superintendent - Chickasha

J. Chris Stansberry

Station Superintendent - Range Research Station

Mike Schulz

Station Superintendent - Altus & Mangum

James Vaughn

Station Superintendent - Lane

Erich Wehrenberg

Sr. Station Superintendent - Agronomy, North Central, Cimarron Valley Research Stations, Entomology & Plant Pathology Farm,  Stored Products Research and Education Center

Assistant Station Superintendents

David Boles

Assistant Coordinator CERL

Butch Havener

Assistant Station Superintendent - Bixby

Ted Newell

Assistant Station Superintendent - Bixby

Tyler Pierson

Assistant Station Superintendent - Entomology & Plant Pathology Farm and Stored Products Research and Education Center

Blake Sisson

Assistant Station Superintendent

Chet Venard

Assistant Station Superintendent - Agronomy Research Station

Robert Weidenmaier

Assistant Station Superintendent - Ft Cobb

Skeate Beck

Assistant Station Superintendent - Eva & Goodwell

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