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The primary agricultural commodities consists of small grains, alfalfa, soybeans, grain sorghum, field and sweet corn, canola, basil, cilantro, tomatoes, cow peas, squashes, melons, peppers, beans, peas and pecans. Other major programs, consists of soil fertility and plant nutrition, weed control, insect control, plant disease control and plant component extraction. Research experiments and demonstration efforts have been of interest to area small rural and urban gardeners as well as to corporate agricultural commodity producers. Research and demonstration on the station has also shown principles and practices of rural and urban agriculture through public participation in station field days, plow and preparation days, and educational classes on the station.


Site and Location

The Oklahoma Vegetable Research Station consists of 110 acres and is located at

13711 S. Mingo Road in Bixby.


The station is located near and north of the Arkansas River, and consists primarily of Wynona silty clay loam soils. The landscape is typical flat bottom acres with 0 to 1% slope. The other soil classifications represented are Latanier clay, Savern very fine sandy loam, Mason silt loam, Choska very sandy loam, and Radley silt loam. These soils are highly productive and are very conducive for Oklahoma crop and vegetable production.


Meet the Team

Ted Newell
Assistant Station Superintendent

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