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The station is located in South Central Oklahoma in the Reddish Prairies resource area with primary commodities being hay production, cattle and wheat.


Research Focus

Alfalfa and hay production, small grains, grain sorghum, Bermudagrass, and corn are the commodities being grown for research in areas of soil fertility, weed science, and entomology. Studies include variety trials, cultural techniques, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tests, and environmental impact studies.


Size and Location

The station consists of 475 acres and is located ½ mile south of Highway 62 at the east edge of Chickasha.


The alluvial soils of the South Central Research Station consist primarily of the Dale and McClain soil series. These soils are commonly found on flood plains and terraces of Oklahoma’s east-west through-flowing rivers. These soils are among the very best agricultural soils in the state and their favorable texture and structure makes them well suited for irrigation. The average annual precipitation is 32.4 inches with an average summer high temperature of 95.1°F and average winter low temperature of 27.9°F. The elevation of the station is 1085 feet above sea level.


Meet the Team

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