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About the Turfgrass Research Center

At the Oklahoma State University turf center, our expertise lies in ornamental and recreational turfgrass research. We create adaptive turfgrasses, develop eco-friendly pest management solutions, and have contributed eight turfgrass varieties for sports field use, demonstrating our commitment to the industry.


Research Information

Research Emphasis

The research emphasis of the Turf Center is ornamental and recreational turfgrass varieties. Turfgrass scientists develop and screen turfgrasses for improved turf performance and environmental adaptation to both biotic and abiotic stresses and develop environmentally sound turfgrass management practices.

World Renowned Results

Turf Center scientists assess the pest management research needs of Oklahoma’s turf production and maintenance industries and further investigate and develop environmentally sound yet affordable alternatives to conventional turfgrass pest management practices.
Oklahoma State University has developed eight turfgrass varieties that have been used on a variety of sports fields.

Meet the Turfgrass Research Center Team

Bart Frie

Station Superintendent

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