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OSU is committed to developing the necessary tools and relevant expertise to help community leaders and stakeholders make sound decisions about biobased products and energy while balancing economic, social and environmental considerations.



To conduct research and provide educational programs in environmentally-sound biobased product and energy development leading to the establishment of sustainable bioenergy and biorefinery operations in Oklahoma.



  • Strengthen basic research foundation in feedstock development and production, biobased products and materials development, conversion technologies, and value enhancement that leads to sustainable and economically viable rural industries/jobs. 
  • Focus on interdisciplinary carbon capture, storage, reduction, and reuse research and development to support current infrastructure and alternative technology advancement.
  • Partner with rural communities to develop locally viable biobased industries and markets. 
  • Build and facilitate interdisciplinary team collaboration and support integrated approaches to identify opportunities in emerging circular bioeconomy in Oklahoma.
  • Provide undergraduate and graduate training, professional development, and outreach opportunities to enhance the bioeconomy workforce development efforts.
  • Develop effective scientific communication approaches to bridge the gap between research and practice and enhance dissemination of research results to communities of interest. 


Dedicated To



OSU continues to expand research efforts, addressing the critical issues in advancing the bioeconomy. Areas of emphasis include enhancing productivity of potential feedstocks, improving conversion technologies and optimizing the value of co-products and by-products.



Outreach, technology transfer and communication of scientific knowledge to the community is important to adoption of sustainable practices in biobased products and  energy. Demonstrations, decision-making tools, economic models, and social implications are a focus of the Center efforts.



A major focus is to educate the next generation of engineers and scientists in renewable resource utilization. Programs are targeted at all levels, including pre-college students and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, industrial collaborators and the general public.


Oklahoma Impacts

  • Offering sustainable solutions to emerging biobased industries.
  • Increasing knowledge and acceptance of biobased products and energy.
  • Building solutions that capture, store, reduce, and reuse carbon to mitigate CO2 emissions.
  • Supporting revitalization of rural areas and sustainability of natural resources.
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