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Discover various Mungbean varieties, including Berken and OK2000, below.


Berken is medium-large, evenly-sized, bright green, seeded variety that produces large sprouts.



The OAES released OK2000 in 1999 as an unrestricted public variety. A large-seeded variety with good lodging and shattering resistance, it is slightly shorter than Berken and its sprouting quality appears to be equal to or better than Berken.


Seed weight is 15 percent greater than Berken with similar seed yields. In lab samples, OK2000 averaged 4.9 lbs. sprouts/lbs. of seed with the percentage of healthy sprouts at 94.9 percent.


Breeder seed of OK2000 is maintained by OSU Ag Research. Foundation seed is available from Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks.


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