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Ag Research

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Research in this area provides opportunities for human and community enhancement by strengthening the economic status of rural communities and improving the health and well-being of people. Most research in animal and food sciences also has a high economic impact by improving the economic vitality of producers.

Agricultural Economics

Researchers in the Department of Agricultural Economics provide solutions for economic issues in rural Oklahoma communities, such as lack of broadband and other technologies and educational opportunities. Along with studying the impacts lack of technological and educational resources have on communities, researchers in this department partner with various companies and organizations to provide broadband and educational programs to rural communities.
Many researchers in this department work directly with animal and plant scientists to study economic issues related to livestock and crop production.

Ag Education and Communication

Research in the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership looks at how certain perceptions impact industry, culture and behavior, therefore impacting the economy. For example, research has been conducted on how craft breweries were positioning themselves in local communities and how local communities perceived them.
Research has also been done on ag producers’ perceptions of how the pandemic changed the promotion of their products and their relationship with consumers.

In other research

The Rural Renewal Initiative is a multi-institution program based out of OSU that is designed to encourage the renewal of rural communities through interdisciplinary research, student mobilization and community engagement. The Biobased Products and Energy Center fosters multidisciplinary collaborations to develop bioeconomy.
Research in other areas like animal and food sciences, agricultural engineering and plant and soil sciences has a high impact on economic factors and human health, such as microbiologists seeking cures for diseases through the study of immune defense molecules. Scientists in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology work at the molecular level in all areas of our research, making discoveries that contribute to plant, animal and human health.
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