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Learn about the different varieties of peanuts below.


A high oleic Spanish variety similar to Tamspan 90, OLé features good yields, grades and peg strength as well as an excellent flavor profile.


The variety is early maturing at 120 DAP and, this characteristic combined with its Spanish genetics, means it requires less water than runner and Virginia types. The early maturity also offers producers flexibility in planting dates.


Similar to Tamspan 90, OLé has outstanding resistance to Sclerotinia blight and pot rot. However, the variety is susceptible to leaf spot and will require a fungicide program for leaf spot to protect yield.


OLé is broadly adapted to the southwestern United States and is a sound option for producers interested in double cropping behind wheat.



Lariat is a high oleic variety offering producers an improvement over Red River Runner, retaining a similar flavor profile and excellent yield and grade properties but demonstrating no delayed seed germination.


Broadly adapted to southwestern United States, Lariat also features an enhanced fungal disease package with excellent resistance to Sclerotina blight and pot rot. This variety requires no fungicide application.

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