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Ag Research

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Through a variety of departments and institutions, OSU conducts food research geared toward improving the food market economy and the sustainability of food resources by providing research-based educational programs for food industry representatives. OSU also increases the efficiency of food production and preservation systems and technology.


Horticulture research at OSU supports food security and economic vitality by investigating the viability and economic potential of growing certain crops in Oklahoma, such as grapes and hops, and by developing and growing new varieties of vegetables.
Researchers have focused on overcoming challenges with grape production in Oklahoma by looking at different grape varieties and the technologies and techniques to grow them. OSU researchers believe their anti-microbial compound could be used effectively for a variety of food products worldwide.

Animal and Food Sciences

Many researchers in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences are focused on the health and well-being of livestock for the sake of human health and food sustainability.
OSU Ag Research scientists are interested in preservation techniques for food products, such as beef, and they our part of the ongoing research at the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center.

Centers and Institutes

The Food and Agricultural Products Center strives to keep food products, jobs and dollars in Oklahoma by offering large and small businesses, producers and entrepreneurs access to experts in business and technical disciplines.
The OSU Institute for Agricultural Biosciences enables OSU Ag Research to more effectively assist producers through the development of new or improved crops and crop production systems.

In other research

OSU research in plant and soil sciences also directly contributes to food safety and security by developing production methods that benefit the health and sustainability of crops in Oklahoma.
Along with animal and food sciences, this research program and the horticulture program have vast public outreach elements in which they offer programs to educate the public on methods for growing their own food. They also educate agricultural professionals on production and management practices.
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